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By Mathias Bröckers

ISBN-10: 3938060484

ISBN-13: 9783938060483

Neunzehn Hijacker schaffen es, mit Teppichmessern vier Flugzeuge zu entführen, die Luftabwehr stundenlang am Boden zu halten und drei Wolkenkratzer zu pulverisieren. Die Kommission zur Klärung der Ereignisse legt einen Abschlussbericht vor, der in keinem Punkt einer staatsanwaltlichen Prüfung standhält und zu dem selbst die Kommissionsmitglieder Abstand nehmen. Wie kann das sein? Die Bestsellerautoren Mathias Bröckers und Christian C. Walther beweisen, dass es sich bei der offiziellen model lediglich um eine Hypothese handelt, um eine Theorie ohne stichhaltige und eindeutige Beweise. Sie zeigen die vielen Ungereimtheiten und Widersprüche auf, unterscheiden Fakten von Fiktionen, Aufklärung von Desinformation, Ermittlungen von Vertuschungen. Und sie belegen, dass wir uns alle von der hohen Schule der Massenmanipulation und Medienmagie für dumm verkaufen lassen, wenn wir weiterhin der offiziellen model glauben, die Al Qaida und Bin weighted down für die Anschläge verantwortlich macht, statt die wahren Schuldigen zu belangen.

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This core ethic had been lost on his brother, Anzor, who had come to the United States in 2002 with his wife, Zubeidat, and their youngest son, Dzhokhar. Originally, Ruslan had high hopes for his relatives, especially Dzhokhar’s older brother, Tamerlan, who spoke about earning an engineering degree in America. But Tamerlan was a talker and not much of a doer — just like his father, Anzor, and his grandfather, Zaindy. Anzor and Zaindy had been cut from the same cloth. Neither man had a formal or extensive education, unlike Ruslan, who was a trained lawyer.

M. We’re gonna have the wheelchair runners coming in. We’re gonna have some of the handicapped guys coming in early. When they come across — be looking at the crowds, don’t be looking at them. ” Until this day, the name Rosie Ruiz signified all that could possibly go wrong with the Boston Marathon. During the eighty-fourth running of the marathon in 1980, Ruiz, a Cuban American, was crowned the winner in the women’s category with a record-breaking time of 2:31:56. Questions about her astonishing finish were raised immediately by many at the finish line who noticed that Ruiz wasn’t sweating or out of breath.

He was still fit, muscular even, but his body was built for sprinting, not running long distances. It suited him well on the job, where the finish line meant chasing down a suspect before he made his way over a chain-link fence to freedom. He sighed, rubbed his hand across his square jaw, and thought back to his younger days of chasing thugs and running the marathon. Those days were long behind him, he thought, massaging his knee, which was recently replaced with a titanium joint. His other knee, also needing replacing, throbbed.

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