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Aron Nimzowitsch - A Reappraisal by Raymond Keene PDF

Until eventually his dying in 1935, Aron Nimzowitsch used to be one of many world's prime chess avid gamers. The best Grandmaster of the Hypermodern tuition, his video games have been filled with new principles and plans. this article seems on the video games and profession of 1 of the main influential chess avid gamers.

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No use, Boris Shamrayeff! hold fast to the table. I advise you to STAGE GUILD PLAYS 28 BORIS. thing to Why? Why have you done this me? am I of one Body of St. Michael are a a You another. of terrorist, you brother, shot down in the Red; the blood of streets of Kronstadt, the lives of friends, the ALEXIS. order, my my preservation of the sacred empire are these Nothing beside your dirty peti nothing? Pah! God has delivered YOU tions of right! into MY hands. I, and not you, am the instru ment of God to-day!

Ha, ha! So! So! ] well, well! ] CURTAIN. This THE GAME OF CHESS, printed from type by The Lancaster Printing Com first edition of pany, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in April, 1914, for VAUGHAN & GOMME, New York, hundred and fifty copies on Japanese Vellum, of which one hun dred only are for sale, and one thousand and fifty copies on laid paper. consists of one ADVERTISEMENT Messrs. VAUGHAN & GOMME take pleasure in announcing that they have perfected an arrangement whereby, in future, they will act as publishers for THE STAGE GUILD, Railway Exchange Building, Chi cago.

ALEXIS. Ha, ha! BORIS. Well Sneer at me if you like. You are feeling the agony too, Alexis Alexandrovitch. You can't deny it. ALEXIS. I am not dying, Boris Shamrayeff. THE GAME OF CHESS BORIS. I saw! But, I know! drink! You're dying, excellency! ALEXIS. Yes, we drank 27 I saw you together, didn't we? And your eye wasn't off me an was it? And you didn't lift your cup Well, well! instant, I'd drained the last drop of mine, did you? Well, well, well! till BORIS. ALEXIS. I saw you drink what Yes, I did drink it, I drank.

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2000 Sarajevo Tournament Book (first 5 rounds only )

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