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Till his demise in 1935, Aron Nimzowitsch used to be one of many world's top chess gamers. The best Grandmaster of the Hypermodern university, his video games have been packed with new principles and plans. this article appears to be like on the video games and profession of 1 of the main influential chess avid gamers.

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E6-eS). 7 f3! (D) B Current theory likes White in this line, and the main game is a fine illustration of White's strategy in these positions. However, the notes will show that Black's dynamic resources are underrated. lte3 White develops and prepares to consolidate by 0-0-0. a) 10 tDe2 has also been successful, although Black can play for ... fS in a number of ways; for example, 1O... tDhS (1O ... ) 11 g4!? (to stop ... ~h4+ 12 ~dl tDf6, as in Lali6-Shirov, Moscow Olympiad 1994, isn't easy to assess, but with ...

A5 is in disrepute at the moment, although I'm not sure that it can't be reinvigorated. At any rate, the established games seem to show how the two bishops can outweigh Then White enjoys a standard advantage with two bishops and space. Although Black has a fine outpost on c5 which should not be discounted, he can't easily coordinate to play ... ttJfd7 in the near future. Meanwhile, White can put great pressure on the queenside by ttJc3, ~fbl and in some cases a5. In addition, he has better prospects in the centre and can even expand on the kingside at some point should it come to that, in order to open a second front.

Before turning to those moves, let's continue to pursue the philosophy that less frequently played alternatives can be as instructive as the normal ones. I think that a glance at rare and even inferior moves will help us understand what White wants from these positions, and what it is that Black should avoid. Following these moves I shall take a fairly close look at 2 ... f5, a periodically-played move which is useful to understand because of the typical structures that it leads to. a) 2 ... b6?!

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