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By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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Until eventually his demise in 1935, Aron Nimzowitsch used to be one of many world's major chess gamers. The best Grandmaster of the Hypermodern college, his video games have been filled with new principles and plans. this article appears to be like on the video games and occupation of 1 of the main influential chess gamers.

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11 72 A ... of pawn weakness. Black will have to move his KKtP. 4 ... P-+Kt4 As weaknesses will be induced anyway, Black takes the bull f>y the horns, and advances his queen's side pawns in 4 B,,,,,,K3 Whitc plays m n id wins Black plays and draws The first phase, centralizing the pieces. ,,-B4 an attempt to get coirntarplay. 5 Kt-KS P-Kt3 White plays and draws Black plays and wins 1 ... KB6 4. K x P K x P 5. KKt6 pB4 6. KB5. 4 KxP P--,Q7 5 BxP KxB 6 K-Kt6 K-R7 7 K-RS K-B6 KxP 8 K-QS 9 K-,K5. Much depends on where the pawns me.

I ... P-Kt3 Keeping thc KtP ahead of the RP is n safe rub. R3 Not 2 . . KBI ? 3. KB6. ,,Kt4 p ...... ~t5. '-R 5 u t 4 ) 4... K-B2 5 . BxP. submitting to a backwardpawn,White m a y even aliow Black into thc coma! 2. R-Kt6 (a simple win fotbws 2. KBS) 2 . . K-RI 3. K-Q6 K-Rtl 4. X - 4 7 K-R1 5 . K,-98 #-Kt1 5. RL-Q4 P-Kt4 (ti. KRI allows mate in three) 7. , cond n g the moribund RP into a live H 1... P-,,R3 WtP. ---- 2 BxP 8-I32 If2... PKt3 3. PR5 KB2 4. KQ4 Kt13 5. TWO PAWNS K-I37 4 Kt-AS 5 Kt-,R4.

10 K-B6 Kt---R2 cb. 1 and interrupting the circuit. From l:me to time White's knight guards thc pawn, thus making it possibfa for his King to rnovc frcxly, and to gain time wbifst avoiding harassment from thc black knight. KtK5 ch.? KR4 8. Krn7 KtK3 ch. 9. KR7 KtS2 draws (Reti). The pawn is btocked and Black frees his knight, threatening checks at KI, KB3, and Kt-Kt4 12 Kt-R6 ch. K ,,,,,,,,,R5 13 K-Kt6 Kt--K J 14 Kt-Q7 Ki-Kt4 Or 14 ... RtB5 ch, 15. KB7 KR4 IG. PR7 KrKt3 17. KKt7 KKt4 18. KtKS. I5 Kt-,-K5 Kt-K3 Kt R7 K-,,,,,B6 K-Kt7 K-Kt8.

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