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Barber: Personal grooms, as well as blood letters, surgeons, dentists, and general “medical” man. Bather: People who run baths or the attendants inside baths. Beadle: Manorial manager that collects seed at harvest for next year’s crop. Benefice: A collection of land, rights, buildings, and/or communities given by a lord to his vassal, providing the vassal’s material support, in exchange for military service and counsel. Bleacher: Those who bleach cloth and other textiles. Bowyer: People who make bows.

Staple: Crops grown for feeding people and selling the surplus, typically barley, beans, peas, vetch, wheat, and sometimes rye. Subinfeudation: When lordship and vassalage intermingle over and over, creating a web of complex social and legal relationships in feudal society. Suzerain: A vassal’s lord’s lord. Tailor: Those who make and repair clothes. Tallage: A manorial tax paid by all the lord’s tenants. Tanner: Those who treat leather for leather workers. Taxidermist: Those who preserve and stuff dead animals.

Alchemist: Those creating alchemical substances. Alienation: The act of separating land from the feudal system; typically by giving land to organizations rather than individuals. Also when individuals sell allods to other parties. Allod: Land held without feudal obligation, owned outright. Allodial lord: The lord who holds a piece of land without feudal obligation; the “owner” of the land. Almoner: The personal who distributes alms to the poor, usually employed by lords and ladies. Alms: Gifts to the poor including food, clothes, coin, and other goods.

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