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By Jose R. Capablanca

A uncomplicated handbook of chess by means of the grasp José Raul Capablanca, considered as one of many part dozen maximum gamers ever. Capablanca was once famous particularly for his technical mastery, and during this publication he explains the basics as nobody else may possibly. Diagrams.

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Reduced to the command of no more than two squares, if he be placed into any of the four corners of the board, and the maximum of squares which he can command is eight. The power of the two Bishops combined has already been alluded to. They and considerably stronger than two Knights. With the qualifications mentioned in our description of the properties of the Rook where we have also given some comparative valuations of Bishop and Rook with Pawns on either side, we would further compute that two Bishops and two Pawns are considerably stronger than Rook and Knight, and that one Bishop is much better than three Pawns.

The removal of a piece or Pawn, check is PERPETUAL CHECK occurs when the attacked King cannot escape from one check 7. without rendering himself liable to another. ^^8. STALEMATE brought about when the King, although not is at the check, is so situated that he cannot be moved without going into check The game then is drawn. other piece or Pawn can be moved. SMOTHERED MATE, or 9. by his own men moment in and when no when the King is so hemmed in move out of check from a hostile Knight, which is the Philidor's legacy, occurs that he cannot only piece that can adminster this mate.

In the maK4, the Castling on the King's side also offers jority of openings commencing with I P the first opportunities for opening a file for the Rook by advancing P KB4, and this is of the utmost importance for that piece, which can only be brought into action on open It should be noticed that the two combined Rooks are in the most favorfiles or rows. able position for attack and defence when doubled on an open file. One of the most powerful attacking posts for one Rook and still more for the two combined Rooks, is on the 7th row, for usually some of the Pawns of the adversary are stationed on their origiSuch a situation of Rooks also often nal squares and are thus more liable to capture.

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