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Acacia, Ground nut (Fig. 47). (ii) Cremocarp. , Coria1ldmm (Fig. 47). (iii) Regma. , Rici1luS (Fig. 47). (iv) Carcemlus. , Ocimu11l (Fig. 47). HESPERIDIUM 2. Fleshy fruits (a) Drupe. , Mango, Peach, Coconut, Almond (Fig. 48). (b) Pome. g, Apple, Pear (Fig. 48). (c) Berry. , Tomato, Banana, Guava (Fig. 48). (d) Pepo. , Cucurbita, Cucumber (Fig. 48). (e) Hesperidium. , Lemon, Orange etc. (Fig. 48). (f) Balausta. A many chamberd and many seeded, inferior fruit like the berry. Pericarp is tough with two rows of carpels one above the other bearing seeds irregularly.

Stipule-like appendage at the base of leaflets of a compound leaf. Alternative Terms Exstipulate/Stipulate If stipulate then type of stipules-Free lateral / Scaly /Adnate/Interpetiolar/ Intrapetiolar / Ochreate / Foliaceous / Spinous / Tendrillar / Convolute (ventral) ~ ~4;~'~~'-~"~;"~ ~ . • I/ stipule Ii '" " ~ FREE LATERAL SCALY INTRAPETIOLAR SPINOUS ' stipule ADNATE OCHREATE TENDRILAR Fig. 10. Different types ofstipules INTERPETIOLAR FOLIACEOUS CONVOLU'[. Practical Botany: Vol 2 20 ] Meaning of Alternative Terms 1.

Ciliate; U. Spinous. 3. Crenate. , Bryophyl/um,Hydrocotyle (Fig. 17 C). 4. Serrate. , China rose (Fig. 1707. S. Serrulate. 17 E). 6. Biserrate. Doubly serrate, each tooth serrated again (Fig. 17 F). 7. Dentate. , Melon, (Fig. 17G). 8. Denticulate. , Coccinia cordifolia, Luffa cylindrica, (Fig. 17H). 9. Incised. Cut irregularly, more or less deeply and sharply; and intermediate condition between tooth and lobes, (Fig. 171). 10. Lacerate. Torn;irregularly cleft or cut, as in many genera of Ranunculaceae, (Fig.

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