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By Michelle Radford

ISBN-10: 0061252352

ISBN-13: 9780061252358

ISBN-10: 0061861901

ISBN-13: 9780061861901

Fiona Blount lives by way of one rule: stay nameless and not anything undesirable can ensue to you. yet nowadays, Fiona cannot steer clear of the highlight. simply because loopy issues simply ensue round her, and unexpectedly everyone's having a look her way—including her London school's resident suggest lady and Fiona's supersecret overwhelm. as though growing to be up is not already complicated, facing the truth that she now has the facility of brain keep watch over is sufficient to push any fourteen-year-old lady over the sting! may possibly this newly came upon expertise have something to do with very likely finding her long-lost father? and may she manage to cease tripping her archenemy together with her brain? Fiona will be a bit clueless and much careworn, yet she's absolutely enjoyable and far more than virtually amazing!

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So everyone usually ignores her and carries on with whatever they were doing before she arrived. Today is no different. “Today, we’re going to write a short essay about what we want to do when we leave school,” she continues in her 34 | ALMOST FABULOUS optimistic way, even though only about five people in the room are listening to her. ” It must be that time of year again when Ms. Woods wants to “connect” with us on a more personal level. When we have to do this touchy-feely sharing kind of stuff in Ms.

Will you try? For me? ME: [with another sigh] Yes. I will try. (But I have been at this school for three years already. ) “By the way,” I ask Mum as we reach the school gates. ” “She sends her love,” Mum says with a straight face, not missing a beat. And then we both burst out laughing because, of course, I’ve never met her. It feels good to laugh after all the worries of the day. I stop laughing when we go through the school gates, though, because I get the familiar prickle at the back of my neck.

TtlAnonymity: Hi? Gina? Are you there? < Feminista: Hi E! U feeling better? How did yr appointment go? < TtlAnonymity: I’m ok. I have to join Theoretical Stockbroker and Mentoring Minds. < Feminista: But u don’t need to be mentored! U could get straight As if u wanted. That’s crazy! I love Gina, I really do—she’s such a loyal friend, but sometimes . . TtlAnonymity: No, I’m the one doing the mentoring. < Feminista: Oh. I see. Actually I don’t mind doing SACS. I’m going to visit elderly people at Granddad’s sheltered accommodation.

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