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By Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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In 1993, after a dramatic unidentified flying object sighting, skeptical hypnotherapist, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, undertook the channeling test that resulted, after years of committed paintings, in what's referred to as the Cassiopaean Transmissions. the nearest analogy to the view of fact provided by way of the Cassiopaeans is graphically explicated within the motion picture, The Matrix, in which our truth is gifted as a working laptop or computer program/dream that "stores" people in "pods" in order that they are batteries generating power for a few sizeable laptop dominating the realm. the variation among the metaphor of The Matrix and the view of the Cassiopaeans is they suggest a theoretical para-physical realm as one other layer within the constitution of space-time from which our personal fact is projected, looping again and again in never-ending adaptations. you may say that the hyperdimensional nation-states are the "future" in a truly genuine experience. This para-physical truth of hyperdimensional area - the area of the Matrix programmers - in keeping with the Cassiopaeans, is inhabited by means of beings of either optimistic and unfavourable polarity who've "graduated" from our truth yet now not inevitably within the feel of "dying" and going to a strictly airy realm, yet fairly that it really is, successfully, an international of the longer term that creates our current by way of projecting itself into the previous. what's very important to gain is if we expect concerning the destiny by way of possible futures, or branching universes, then what we do now, no matter if we get up from the Matrix, determines what sort of destiny we event, separately and jointly. The Cassiopaeans taught Laura and her neighbors approximately this Matrix truth, supporting them to come back to grips with, know how it operated, after which, to take the mandatory steps to develop into unfastened. In different phrases, the Cassiopaeans supplied the "Red capsule" for awakening. This e-book is a dramatic new addition to the style of mystical autobiographies.

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I only need to do a little persuading. But apparently not. ” She only did so in a moment of weakness and sadness at how everything had turned out in the end. Well, of course that is exactly the kind of thing that would drive a person crazy with curiosity. I tried every way I could think of to get my grandmother to tell me what had happened in Orlando. It must have been really, really bad, because Grandma shared things with me that I am sure she never told anyone else. But she took this one to her grave, literally.

We see Jack and Alice at the lunch counter, laughing and talking. They’ve found each other. Soon they will plan their marriage made in heaven. My mother Alice knew Jack’s bad reputation for being a wild one. Now he’s learned his lesson through tremendous pain and suffering. He has changed his life, he’s in line to take over the family drug business. All that bad boy glamour packaged into an up and coming figure of the local social scene! What a catch! Thrills and chills and excitement ahead!

And for years that was all I knew. But his version, revealed to me later, was quite different. He claims that he wanted her to settle down, to give up the fast life, the parties and the clubs that occupied so much of their time. He tried to get himself off the morphine, and to quit drinking, but every time he did, Mother would throw an emotional curve ball, and all his good intentions would go 41 AMAZING GRACE out the window. Heck, he didn’t have a chance. ” There is a very complex and subtle twostep dance in the psychology of addiction, with two partners fully involved.

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