Anatomy & Physiology: Therapy Basics, 4th Edition - download pdf or read online

By Helen McGuinness

ISBN-10: 1444109235

ISBN-13: 9781444109238

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The hot version of the bestselling creation to anatomy and body structure for college kids of complementary future health, totally up-to-date in accordance with the newest nationwide Occupational criteria for degrees 1-3.

content material: hide; e-book name; Contents; Acknowledgements; advisor to scholars; advent to anatomy & body structure; bankruptcy 1 cells and tissues; bankruptcy 2 the outside, hair and nails; bankruptcy three the skeletal method; bankruptcy four the muscular process; bankruptcy five the cardiovascular method; bankruptcy 6 the lymphatic method and immunity; bankruptcy 7 the breathing process; bankruptcy eight the anxious process; bankruptcy nine the endocrine method; bankruptcy 10 the reproductive process; bankruptcy eleven the digestive process; bankruptcy 12 the urinary approach; thesaurus; Index.
summary: the hot version of the bestselling advent to anatomy and body structure for college kids of complementary wellbeing and fitness, totally up-to-date in keeping with the newest nationwide Occupational criteria for degrees 1-3

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The collagen bundles are held together by elastic fibres running through the dermis. These are made of a protein called elastin that makes up less than 5 per cent of the weight of the skin. The protein elastin contributes to the elasticity of the skin due to the fact that it helps holds the collagen fibres together. Both collagen and elastin fibres are made by cells called fibroblasts, which are found throughout the dermis. An important substance that forms part of the tissue that surrounds the collagen and elastin fibres is hyaluronic acid.

A bone b cartilage c muscle d epithelial tissue 30 Cells and tissues 14 The type of tissue that lines the internal and external organs of the body and lines vessels and body cavities is: a connective b serous c nervous d epithelial 15 Where would you find squamous epithelium? a brain b kidneys c lungs d ovaries 16 Where would you find ciliated epithelium? a kidney tubules b eyes c respiratory system d pancreas 17 Where would you find columnar epithelium? a stomach b small and large intestines c gall bladder d all of the above 18 The most widely distributed type of connective tissue in the body is: a adipose b epithelial c areolar d white fibrous 19 The most abundant type of cartilage found on the surface of parts of bones which form joints is: a elastic b hyaline c fibrocartilage d yellow elastic 20 Membranes that line openings to the outside of the body are called: a serous b synovial c mucous d epithelial 21 The excess tissue that develops when cells in an area of the body divide without control is known as a: a sarcoma b tumour c metastasis d lymphoma 2 the skin, hair and nails Introduction The skin IN PR ACTICE I iis iimportant for It f therapists h i to have a comprehensive knowledge of the structure and functions of the skin in order to understand the process of cell renewal and product penetration, as well as being able to offer the best treatments and products for their client’s skin type.

Living cells, which are produced in the matrix, are pushed upwards away from their source of nutrition, die and are converted to keratin to produce a hair. Hair has a growth pattern which ranges from approximately 4–5 months for an eyelash hair to approximately 4–7 years for a scalp hair. Hair growth is affected by illness, diet and hormonal influences. The growth cycle of a hair Each hair has its own growth cycle and undergoes three distinct stages of development: anagen, catagen and telogen. 5 The hair growth cycle Anagen ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● IN PR ACTICE While carrying out hair removal treatments, it is important to remember that the hair follicle is part of the skin’s structure, therefore any treatment which affects the hair is also going to affect the skin.

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