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MAN MEDIA media. to suggest that art was simply another - attitude to They seem He made paintings films, organized a workshop of artists, wrote WWARHQL MUZEUM MODERNEHO U M E N I A V M E D Z I L A B C R I A C H books, edited a magazine, and put together a rock band. A product of the 20th century, Warhol responded to the widespread availability of media images seen in magazines, comics, newspaper, TV, and film. Later, they reflected his fame back own to him. A A Warhol Family Museum of Modern Art was established Medzilaborce, 'Andy WarhoVs name is WarhoVs combine hair, the make greatest artwork Art 40 to 1991 in a household word.

S. Vietnam tore the country in two. who was proud to do his or her patriotic were thousands of others, often young students, as helicopters pass overhead. who protested vigorously against military involvement. April 1964 TIMELINE January 1964 April August 1964 1964 I Warhol exhibits his "Death and Disaster" series at the Warhol creates Sonnabend York World gallery in Paris. for the New Fair. over by Warhol. 28 Thirteen Most Wanted Men York State Pavilion at the The mural was later New painted The "Brillo Boxes" are exhibited at the Stable Gallery, New York.

1954-68, the civil someone movie or interior designer: someone who designs the inside of houses, offices or shops, group from another, often on the basis of race or religion. choosing color schemes, carpets, curtains, etc. silk'Screen printing: a form of logo: a symbol or trademark used which color ink is forced through a silk mesh onto to identify a manufacturer or the surface beneath. printing in commercial help sell art: art designed to something, for example, the illustrations used in an particular type of goods.

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