New PDF release: Apocrypha Now (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay WFRP) (Warhammer

By Paul Bonner, John Blanche, Jane Mitton

ISBN-10: 1899749039

ISBN-13: 9781899749034

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Any being caught in the effect will have to fight at onehalf effectiveness or surrender. (This can be considered previously subdued) Flame Out (10) [Range 50’] Extinguishes a campfire sized fire (or up to four torches). , a bonfire = L6, a house fire = L8). Gill Frill (16) Allows a person to breath underwater for one hour. Hot Stuff (10) [Range 20’] Raises the temperature of an object (up to hobbit size) by 20°F for one turn. House Call (50) Works like Poor Baby only faster. Can restore up to 25 Constitutions points within 1 turn.

Higher levels double the radius. Holy Hell (45) Traps anyone using a Ghostly Going in the wall or door they try to pass through. LEVEL 12: Requires minimum IQ 33, DEX 19. p. each. Circle of Binding (35) Create a circle on the ground which will contain any ghosts, demons, undead, etc. that may be lured or conjured into it. Only spirits with an MR greater than (caster’s Intelligence × Level) may break free. Lasts one hour. Instant Burial (28) [Range 50’] The ground will open up beneath one target (of up to ogre size), swallow him and slam shut.

Double-double (18) Doubles one Prime Attribute for up to 5 turns. When spell wears off, attribute is halved for same number of turns. Ding-a-Ling (18) [Range 50’] Negates a Rock-a-Bye. Dum Dum (8) [Range 20’] Reduces foe’s Intelligence to 3. If spell fails for any reason, caster’s Intelligence is reduced to 3. Eeek! (18) [Range 30’] This causes one target, whose CHA cannot exceed the caster’s IQ, to be suddenly convinced they are completely naked. Lasts one turn. Essential Fart (10) [Range 50’] Even worse than Miasmal Fart, more equivalent to tear gas.

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