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By Francesco Gabrieli

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The recapture of Jerusalem, the siege of acre, the autumn of Tripoli, the impact in Baghdad of occasions in Syria; those and different happenings have been faithfully recorded by way of Arab historians in the course of the centuries of the Crusades. First released in English in 1969, this book presents 'the different facet' of the Holy struggle, offering the first English translation of latest Arab accounts of the combating among Muslim and Christian.  Extracts are drawn from seventeen various authors encompassing a mess of assets: the final histories of the Muslim global, The chronicles of towns, areas and their dynasties Contemporary biographies and documents of famous deeds.  total, this e-book offers a sweeping and stimulating view of the Crusades visible via Arab eyes.

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The Franks and Genoese agreed each to take a third of the land and booty and to leave a third for Bertrand. As for Baldwin, they put aside from the total a share that would satisfy him. After Tancred’s failure to achieve his aim by supporting Cerdagne he had turned back and laid siege to Baniyās, which made a treaty with him in shawwāl/May of the year 1109. Then he attacked the city of Jubáil, where Fakhr al-Mulk ibn ‘Ammār (amīr of Tripoli) was staying. Supplies were very short and the citizens hard-pressed.

They set guards over the trenches and the towers and were able to ignore his manoeuvres as well as his raids into their territories. Winter came on, causing little harm to the Franks on the hard, sandy region where their camp was sited, but bringing much suffering to the Turkish army. None the less they continued their raids and their efforts to cut the Frankish supply lines and intercept their convoys. They cut the bridge on the road to Sidon to prevent reinforcements from arriving by that route.

Supplies were very short and the citizens hard-pressed. On Friday 22 dhu l-hijja/ 23 July 1109 they began negotiations with Tancred. He offered them their lives in exchange for the city, and they accepted his terms. Fakhr al-Mulk got away with his life and promises that he would be treated with respect and consideration by the Franks. Soon after this the Egyptian fleet arrived. In manpower, number of vessels and quantity of equipment and stores it was larger than any that had ever sailed from an Egyptian port.

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